Shining Feather Originals 

                                    Art By  Sharon Teal Coray 

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Love the southwest? Now you can learn how to paint it!

Sharon's new book offers you a chance to learn all you need to know before you pick up a brush.  Numerous close-up photos of each step and color charts. The color charts make it easy to use oils as you just match the colors to the acrylic one listed in each pattern.


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I feel very blessed to have the ability to paint and to teach others. I believe that God gives us all some sort of talent and it should be shared. My southwestern still life paintings are a tribute to the ancient American Indians; the artifacts in my paintings were used daily as practical tools for centuries. I have always found it fascinating that these primitive people, struggling to survive had the time and creative urge to produce such beautiful works of art. Each pot or blanket I paint has a story and a spirit of its own. If they could speak, imagine what we could learn about their creators.

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Sharon's New Book!

Here are the paintings that are included in this great book!

​​Southwestern B​ook and ePatterns