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The story of how I developed my brush is simple. In the early 90's I started painting fur and bought just about every kind of brush on the market but ended up just using a Script Liner for fur. It was very slow and tedious work.  In a few years I was getting into lots of galleries with my art and I needed to speed up to meet the demand.

My paintings were selling very well. So  "Necessity is the Mother of Invention" was put into action and my brain came up with my brush.  Now this was not instantly because I had to experiment with quite a few brushes until I got the right formula.

Finally I got it right and I cut brushes for students for many years!

One of the largest brush companies saw me demoing  my  brush  at the Las Vegas Convention and talked me into a deal where they would cut my brushes for me  using machines and put my name on them. 

Being too trusting we shook hands .....the owner of Scharff Brushes came and told me that no machine could cut my brush......It would never work!

He was so right! But it was too late I had given a brush to the company that said they could have it cut for me. 

Well to make along, sad story short...they took my brush and I never heard from them again and when I tried to get in touch the would not return my calls.

They eventually copied my brush somewhat...but they had to use stiffer hair  than I did so the machine would cut them. They did not work like mine and I don't think they  sold too many...I guess that is called Karma!

Sharon uses her bush for her Southwestern Baskets too!

You Can Paint Beautiful Fur! 

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Soft Stroke Brush for Fur




Meet "Bindy" Rick Springfield's Puppy

Art By Sharon Teal Coray  

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