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Sharon's Soft Glo Acrylic Glazes

What is Glazing?
I have been using this Old Masters technique in my paintings for over 30 years. Being an oil painter originally, this was one thing I really missed when I changed over to acrylics. Glazing was the last step in all my paintings that just made my work look vibrant and give it a lot of depth and richness that I could not get with any acrylic product on the market. A glaze is a transparent application of washes, which are laid on in successive layers over dry paint.

Because a glaze, being transparent, allows light to pass through it and be reflected back off the underlying color, the result is a rich, transparent glowing look that seems to transmit light from within.

The colors combine optically in the viewer’s eye and take on a quality impossible to achieve by mixing the colors on the palette. You need to have a good understanding of how different colors react with each other when you glaze. When painting with oils, I could easily get the results I wanted because the pigments in the oils were very strong, so when mixed with an oil medium they would stay strong and when applied would keep their brilliance.

  Acrylic paints, are not pure pigments to begin with so when I added a glazing medium they were diluted even further and the results were not even close to what I was used to using. That is why I developed this line of glazes.

They are made with pure professional grade pigments that allow me to achieve the results I did with oil paints. The transparency and the depth of color is not lost or diluted, so you can apply one or more coats to get varying effects; just be sure that each coat is completely dry before you apply the next one.

 Set of 8 vibrant colors  only $19.99

A little goes a long way! Comes with list of what each color will do over other colors!