Shining Feather Originals 

                                    Art By  Sharon Teal Coray 

Learn how to paint the Ocean

Let Nationally known award winning artist Sharon Teal Coray teach you how to paint Fantasy Seascapes. Sharon has developed the easy way to create the vibrant ocean scenes in oils and acrylics. “Since my first seascape book I have been painting what I call “Fantasy’ Seascapes. These are very dramatic paintings with lots of intense color. I have used my “artistic license” with these seascapes because I love vibrant colors!” Painting the ocean can be very challenging and rewarding. The ocean is very hard to describe, it is captivating, humbling, refreshing and so very beautiful! It is surely one of God’s truest Masterpieces! We as mere humans are ever in awe of its power and beauty! As artists we desire to capture that on canvas! The ocean has been one subject I have loved to paint for years. Having traveled all over the world and visiting many beaches I can honestly say that I have never grown tired of just sitting and watching the waves break. There is a magic quality to the sea; it can be calming with its soft eddies of foam and the quiet lapping on the wet sand or absolutely energizing with the waves rolling and crashing, spewing the foam high into the air. I have enjoyed creating these seascapes and hope you will enjoy painting them. With some practice you will soon be painting some exciting seascapes!”


Everything you ever wanted to know about painting the ocean and sky!

80 pages with full color photos and paint swatches for Oil and Acrylic

Simple and easy to understand instruction!

 If you love the ocean you will love this book!