Shining Feather Originals 

                                    Art By  Sharon Teal Coray 

Time For Boo's”
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My Brush List
Scharff Brushes
Series 665 - Oval Round Mini Mop size 4,6,8
Series 750 - Fitch Hair Deerfoot Stippler size
Series 130 - Golden Taklon Short Shader size 4,6
Golden Taklon Shader -130PC size 4,6,8,10
Series 142 - Golden Taklon Champagne Handle Flat size 14
Series 155 - Golden Taklon Angle size ½ 5/8 1” Series 220 - White Bristle Filbert size 6,10
Series 420 - Spotter - Size 5/0 Series 350 - White Nylon Scroller size 10/0
Shining Feather Soft Stroke Brush

Paints by DecoArt  Americana
Ocean Blue

Primary Yellow

Jack O' Lantern

Lamp Black

Emperors Gold

Soft White
Sky Grey

Canyon Orange

Burnt Umber

Forest Green

Citron Green
Sour Apple to the bottom half.
Gold Twinkles
Wood is available at: dahl-Woodcrafts


My instructions are written in step-by-step order; they are easy to follow but it will be helpful to read them entirely before painting. Follow each step in the order given for your results to be the same as mine, if you omit any of the steps or colors given you will not achieve the same results
Sharon’s Soft Blending Method (My favorite medium for this is Deco Art Traditions Blending and Extender
I use this blending method to blend two colors together.

1. Apply a thin coat of extender to the area where you want to add a color or blend.
2. Next, pick up the color you are going to use on a clean brush and apply this on the same area to which you applied the blending medium.
3. Blend this using a Mop or round bristle brush by gently tapping the edge of the paint, softening it into the base color.
4. Sometimes I pick up a tiny amount of the paint on the brush, blotting on a paper towel and pounce this directly on the place I want to blend. But be sure to add the extender to that area before you do this.
5. Always make sure that you dry your work between each step before going on to the next application of the extender.
6. I like having 2 or 3 of the same size brushes to blend with, but if you only have one and you need to change colors, simply wipe it across a baby wipe a few times to remove most of the paint. Then dry it on a paper towel. You don’t want to clean a mop or bristle brush it in water because it does not work well when it is wet. They have to be “dry” to work properly.

I prefer Graphite Transfer paper by Mona Lisa. This does a beautiful job and does not rub off all over your project. It comes in Black and White
Sand and tack, add a coat of wood sealer and when dry lightly sand and tack again.

When I need to paint a light area on a dark background I always use Gesso to base this in before applying the color I want in this area. This makes it so much easier to cover the dark paint.

Let's Paint!
1.  Base the clock with Ocean Blue
2.  Paint the circle with the owl in it with Primary Yellow
3.  Float the edge with Jack O' Lantern
4.  Paint the numbers with Lamp Black
5.  Base top and bottom trim with Lamp Black
6.  Outline the top with Emperors Gold
7.  Scumble Emperors Gold on top of the bottom trim
8.  Float the ghost with Soft White
9.  Add black for the eyes and mouth and add a dot of Warm White for the highlights
10. Paint the spider web with Sky Grey
11. Paint the spider Lamp Black and add a dot of Warm White for the highlights
12. Base the pumpkins with Canyon Orange
13. Scumble Primary Yellow over this
14. Float the lines on with Burnt Umber
15. Paint the inside of the eyes and mouth with Primary Yellow and outline with Black
16. Paint the Stem with Sour Apple and highlight with Citron
17. Paint the owl body and head with Lamp Black
18. Add tiny lines for the feathers using Sky Grey
19. Paint the eyes with Sour Apple
20. Add a line of Forest Green on the top for the shadow area
21. Add a highlight on the bottom with Citron
22. paint the iris with Lamp Black and add a dot of Warm White for the highlights
23. Float a shadow on the right side of the hat and brim with Forest Green
24. Paint the Band and cape with Lavender
25. Add a highlight on the band and cape with Lavender + Warm White 1:2
26. Paint a coat of Gold Twinkles over the trim on the top and the bottom trim the bat and the cat.
27. Paint the Cat and bat with Lamp Black
28. Add dots of Jack O' Lantern and over this Primary Yellow on the eyes of the bat
29. Paint the eyes on the cat with Citron Green
30. Paint the orange area on the sign with Primary Yellow
31. Float Jack O' Lantern on the edges
32. Paint the rest of the sign with Lamp Black
33. Outline the yellow area with Lavender
34. Paint the lettering with Lamp Black
Drill tiny holes, apply coat of varnish and add wire and hang!


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