Choose Acrylics or Oils

 For this book I used Permalba Oil, however you can use any brand 

For an artist color is essential, we could paint everything with black and white but that would become very monotonous!

When I first started painting, I struggled with learning color theory. I read many books and most of them seemed to overwhelm me and in the end, I felt like I did not really have a good understanding of the principals they were trying to teach me. I realized that an artist is a “visual” person, we learn better with a “hands-on” approach rather than just reading about something. Therefore, I developed a study program that worked for me. Later as I became a teacher, I put my program into a workbook and held yearly 3-day Color workshops in local libraries and my studio.

This program is what I used to teach my students. It is a simple, basic way to understand and apply color theory by doing it and not just by reading about it. It is not filled with scientific jibber jabber; it is just the plain and simple method that fine artists have been using for centuries.

I have seen first hand how it actually taught my students what they needed to know in order to create a beautiful work of art.

I could talk myself blue in the face about colors but they just did not grasp it.  When they attended the workshop, did the mixing themselves and had that  “AHAAAA” moment, they really could understand it and apply it.

By using these books you will learn how to mix any color you need the easy simple way. When you are finished you will have a great reference book! 

Instead of reading, the many books on color, theory or traveling to expensive workshops you can now work with this book at your own speed and leisure. Do not rush take your time and at the end you not only will have learned a lot about the colors, you will have a wonderful reference book.

The most important thing to remember that it is not hard to learn color theory; it is actually fun when you do it this way!

"So Simple" Color Mixing Workbooks

 If you are an acrylic painter and you have used bottled paints forever, you may wonder why you would need to learn this. The reason is simple, if you know how to mix a color and how to use it your art will improve. Instead of following others ideas and ratios for colors you will be free to experiment with your own. You will be able to see a color identify it, is it warm, cool, intense, or toned down? However, best of all you will be able to mix it.  

For this book Use DecoArt Traditions Acrylics