Shining Feather Originals 

                                    Art By  Sharon Teal Coray 

Sharon was attending a PowWow and watched a Mother give her Daughter a new Shawl, the little girl was so happy and proud to have it, she danced around showing it off!

Sharon was able to get some good photos of her and painted this.

It sold in one of her galleries and for a long time, Sharon regretted selling it. Two years ago a woman called Sharon and told her that the lady that had purchased it had passed away and all her belongings were going to be auctioned off. She asked Sharon if she wanted to buy the painting back.  Sharon purchased it and was so thankful that this little girl was back home again!

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"Painting is Just a Series of Corrections"

"The New Shawl"


Sharon painted this three years ago after losing her son to a drug overdose.  At the time Sharon felt very alone and lost but through her love of the Savior she was reminded that no matter what, He is always there to help us through the worst times. With this painting she wanted to show a desperate hand reaching out for God and a strong, loving hand grabbing the weak hand. 

"I will never leave you or forsake you"

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